Informing customers of the industry’s Fair Wear and Tear standards

Members are reminded of the importance of communicating the required return conditions to leasing customers ahead of them returning their vehicles.

With many vehicle lease contracts coming to an end during the lockdown period and customers having to hold onto vehicles, there is the possibility of a greater number of disputes than normal, as some customers may have forgotten that they are responsible for the return condition of the vehicle.

The BVRLA has launched a new Return your lease communications toolkit, providing members with access to a suite of free printed, digital and social media communication resources, providing useful tips for customers due to return a leased vehicle. 

Members wanting to add their own logo to the printed material should contact the BVRLA Communications team

The BVRLA can provide an e-licence version of its Fair Wear & Tear Guides, which can be personalised for members. For further information and pricing email to discuss your requirements.