About the BVRLA

The BVRLA represents over 970 companies engaged in vehicle rental, leasing and fleet management. Our membership is responsible for a combined fleet of four million cars, vans and trucks – one-in-ten of all vehicles on UK roads.

BVRLA members represent the demand-side of the automotive industry, buying around 50% of new vehicles, including over 80% of those manufactured and sold in the UK. In doing so, they support almost 500,000 jobs, add £7.6bn in tax revenues and contribute £49bn to the UK economy each year.

Together with our members, the association works with policymakers, public sector agencies, regulators, and other key stakeholders to ensure that road transport delivers environmental, social and economic benefits to everyone. BVRLA members are leading the charge to decarbonise road transport and are set to register 400,000 new battery electric cars and vans per year by 2025.

BVRLA membership provides customers with the reassurance that the company they are dealing with adheres to the highest standards of professionalism and fairness.

The association achieves this by reinforcing industry standards and regulatory compliance via its mandatory Codes of Conduct, inspection regime, government-approved Alternative Dispute Resolution service and an extensive range of learning and development programmes.


Corporate Publications

The BVRLA produces three annual corporate publications: The Annual Review provides and overview of the association's deliverables at the year end, the Annual Report publishes the association's statutory financial statement and the BVRLA Business Plan sets out the association's strategic priorities.

BVRLA Annual Review 2020

BVRLA Annual Report 2020

BVRLA Business Plan 2021 - 2023

BVRLA News Summer 2021

The BVRLA is an incredible association, which has proved so valuable to members through good and tough times.

- 2020 Member Survey

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