RISC Database

RISC is the BVRLA’s risk management tool for rental and leasing companies. It allows businesses to qualify their customers when hiring out vehicles.

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If you are a customer who has been refused rental, please click here to go to our Consumer Advice page.


RISC contains information that can help in preventing, detecting and controlling fraud and other losses. Information held on RISC is shared with BVRLA members according to Data Protection guidelines.

Information for BVRLA Members

BVRLA’s RISC database contains details of over 7,000 individuals and companies who have been identified as a potential risk based on previous experience.  The data held is a factual report of incidents where there have been breaches in terms and conditions of rental.
The data is contributed by a community of BVRLA members who exercise diligence when supplying vehicles for hire or lease. RISC is not a ‘do-not-rent’ database – it provides information to assist in customer qualification decisions.   RISC enables rental companies in BVRLA membership to legitimately share risk information with other BVRLA members in order to gather information about prospective renters. Some of the things RISC can help protect your business against include:
•    Identity theft
•    Customer fraud
•    Negligently damaging the rental vehicle 
•    Vehicle theft
•    Poor payment record
•    Inappropriate and aggressive behaviour towards staff

Using RISC can make your business less susceptible to vehicle theft and unauthorised extensions, which in turn could save you money on your insurance premiums.

How does RISC work?

RISC is a BVRLA online service, accessed directly via www.risconline.com
It's simple to use at the rental counter and is available 24/7.

RISC is not a ‘Do Not Rent’ system – it simply provides you with relevant information about your renter, so you can make an informed decision.

For all RISC queries contact the RISC Administrator via email.