Instructor-Led Online Courses

Designed to develop the knowledge, skills and capabilities of staff working in the vehicle rental and leasing sectors.

PolicyDecarbonisationElectric-Vehicle-EV-two-cars-charging-02 800x533.jpg

Electric Vehicles (Cars) - Operational Technical Support Instructor-Led Course

Products_Vans_Electric Vehicle Charging (Plug In Grant).jpg

Electric Van & Trucks - Operational Technical Support & Fleet Management Instructor-Led Course

Products_Fair Wear and Tear Guide_Cars (Cover Photo).jpg

BVRLA Fair Wear & Tear Standard for Cars - Instructor-Led Course

BVRLA HGV WearTear A5 32pp Front cover

BVRLA Fair Wear & Tear Standard for Commercial Vehicles over 3.5t - Instructor-Led Course

800x600 ProductsTrainingSMCR-Are-you-ready.jpg

BVRLA SM&CR Development Programme - Remote Learning Course

Products_Training_Compliance Selling Selling with Integrity 775x516.jpg

Compliant Selling – Treating Customers Fairly - Instructor-Led Course

ProductsTrainingAngry-Couple-Complaining 800x533.png

Complaints Management in a Regulated Environment (Forbearance & Safeguarding) - Instructor-Led Course

Products_Training_Selling Contract Hire.jpg

Understanding Contract Hire Instructor-Led Course

Products_Training_NLP for Effective Selling.jpg

Neuroscience to Increase Fleet Sales Instructor-Led Course

Products_Training_IMI Rental Operator Skills.jpg

BVRLA Vehicle Rental Operator Skills Assessment

Products_Training_Finance Essentials for Account Managers.jpg

Understanding Lease Accounting, Finance and Tax Essentials - Instructor Led Training

Products_Training_Introduction to the Daily Rental Industry.jpg

Your Introduction to the BVRLA and Daily Rental Instructor-Led Course

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Your Introduction to the BVRLA and Vehicle Fleet Industry - Instructor-Led Course


BVRLA Understanding Residuals and Future Vehicle Values Instructor-Led Course

ProductsTrainingCounter-Terrorism-AwarenessACT 800x533.png

Counter Terrorism Awareness (Self-delivery Resource)

Static Images_Parking Tickets Fine PCN (Static).jpg

Penalty Charge Notice Instructor-Led Masterclass

Products_Vans - 3 (Static).jpg

UK Commercial Vehicle Legislation - Instructor-Led Course

BVRLA_LCV Fair Wear & Tear_Front Cover.jpg

BVRLA Fair Wear & Tear Standard for Light Commercial Vehicles - Instructor-Led Course

Policy_Motor Finance_Calculator Money 775x517.jpg

Understanding Salary Sacrifice - Instructor-Led Course

Policy_Campaign Images_Security_Cyber Security.jpg

BVRLA Rental Vehicle Security Scheme Compliance - Instructor Led Online Course

Policy-Decarbonisation-Electric-Vehicle-EV-two-cars-charging-01 720x490 carousel size.jpg

Selling Electric Vehicles to Fleet Customers

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