Dart Charge

Details on the exclusive process for BVRLA members regarding transferring liability for the Dartford Crossing

Transfer of Liability for Dart Charge

Rental members should make representations on the grounds that they ‘are a vehicle hire firm and the vehicle was on hire’.

Leasing members technically can’t transfer liability as their agreements are longer than six months, however, following agreements with Highways England, leasing members can use the below process:

Exclusive Process for BVRLA Members

You can provide details of your customer who had the vehicle on hire or lease electronically using a spreadsheet template and emailing it to : [email protected].

The spreadsheet includes:

  • Customer’s details
  • Vehicle details
  • Start and end date and time of the agreement

If the customer disputes the PCN then further evidence must be provided including a copy of the hire agreement.

The spreadsheet is available here.