Leasing and Fleet Management Code of Conduct

The Leasing and Fleet Management Code of Conduct, one of five sector-specific codes clarifying standards for the BVRLA’s different types of member, was updated in January 2019, the code now includes an edited principle on staff training including the ability to identify and report suspicious behaviours.

The BVRLA Code of Conduct requires members to communicate to their customers ‘the end-of-lease vehicle return standard, including: vehicle condition, service and maintenance, vehicle accessories and MOT (if appropriate)’.

Regardless of the length of contract that has been provided, if there are return conditions these should be made clear to the customer at the beginning of the lease, whether that be by the leasing broker, leasing company or subscription provider.

The Financial Conduct Authority view is that this information is an important part of treating the customer fairly as it ensures the customer is aware of all aspects of the contract prior to entering into it.

The BVRLA Fair Wear and Tear Guide, available in hard copy or electronic version, is ideal for supporting this compliance requirement. To discuss your requirements please email [email protected] and the association will provide you with a tailored cost solution which fits your needs.