Vehicle delivery delays

Due to the growth in new vehicle lead times, the BVRLA has received more queries from members looking for advice on how to handle regulated customer complaints.

Regulated complaints are from consumers, sole traders and partnerships of three or less. Members are advised to check a few things to ensure they are handling these delays in a compliant manner and in line with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) principal of treating the customer fairly: 

  • Wording on websites/contracts regarding delivery – make sure your firm is not guaranteeing a delivery date or making promises that you can’t keep. Share any information you have from dealerships or manufacturers on why there are delays with new vehicles, so the customer has all the information. 

  • Returning fees paid – if you do charge a fee to the customer and they subsequently cancel as their vehicle delivery has been delayed, consider carefully if any fees need to be returned. This will depend on your contract and your view of treating the customer fairly. It is worth noting that the Financial Ombudsman tends to operate on the principal that the customer should be returned to the financial situation they were in prior to entering into a contract with you. However, each case is different so you will need to make a judgement. 

  • Communication is key – make sure you are advising your customer of the latest information with regards to any delays. 

Email with any further queries.