How we inspect our members

The BVRLA governance programme audits members against the BVRLA Code of Conduct and ensures that they meet the minimum standards required by any other relevant regulations including GDPR, FCA and CMA requirements. With vehicle rental and leasing coming under increasing media and regulatory scrutiny our programme provides members with a way of evidencing that they are compliant and trustworthy.

The auditors we use

The Automobile Association (AA) conduct audits for BVRLA Corporate Members, which primarily consists of daily rental companies. The AA is well known throughout the UK for its breakdown service and their vehicle and service knowledge proves a great choice for our rental operations and vehicle inspections.

“Product Partnerships Limited (PPL) bedrock was formed in the vehicle finance sector with much of the team coming with a rich history and solid experience from within the motor finance industry. We look forward to working with the BVRLA team and its members to address many of the key regulatory and commercial issues facing the industry. At PPL we believe in bespoke solutions that meet the members needs matched with the commercial efficiency in building a strong and positive relationship that delivers greater self-regulation and genuine value for the consumer, the BVRLA members, and the BVRLA. At PPL, partnerships matter”


Benefits of using a BVRLA member

Any customer using a BVRLA rental or leasing member can be sure that they have been visited by an independent auditor and passed our governance checks. Members are subject to these visits as part of their membership and receive support and guidance from the BVRLA in addressing any issues.


BVRLA Support to customers

BVRLA membership requires organisations to include the BVRLA Conciliation Service as part of their Complaints Policy. This gives customers the option to escalate a complaint to our government-approved Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) service if they are disatisfied with how their dispute has been resolved. Find out more information about our Conciliation Service.