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BVRLA responds to publication of Motoring Services Strategy

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The BVRLA has welcomed the publication of the Motoring Services Strategy by the Department for Transport (DfT).

BVRLA Chief Executive Gerry Keaney said: “When we responded to the consultation in January this year, we urged the Government to think about fleets as well as customers. It is therefore pleasing to see Lord Ahmad pledge to work with commercial fleets and drivers to promote best practice.”

The strategy uses BVRLA statistics to highlight the importance of the fleet industry, and notes how working with major fleet operators can benefit all road users. It states how the DfT is committed to strengthening the relationship between the agencies and corporate users at a practical level.

Keaney commented: “We welcome the news that the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) and Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) will work to introduce new improved digital channels for accessing their services. We will be pushing for this to include the ability for fleets to pay Vehicle Excise Duty for multiple years, and to apply for bulk refunds online.”

Detailed in the strategy was a commitment to move HGV testing to a mixed economy of public and private provision. “It is positive to hear the DVSA is encouraging the development of its Authorised Test Facility network. We’ve long called for privatised testing of HGVs as this would reduce fleet costs, minimise delays and really improve operational efficiency,” Keaney commented.

The strategy also notes how DVSA will roll out a new Operator Excellence scheme for trusted fleet operators, based on its earned recognition pilot scheme.  “We are glad to see this scheme expanded and look forward to hearing more details of how the agency will work with industry-led initiatives including the BVRLA Code of Conduct, Van Excellence and the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme.”

The strategy also suggested the DVLA and DVSA’s contact centres would merge. “We’ve called for this for many years, as it would give fleets and BVRLA members a one-stop shop for all their motoring needs.”

Keaney added one word of caution: “While the strategy is to be welcomed, we are concerned that budget cuts could in particular damage the agencies’ ability to innovate with new digital fleet services, and their ability to deliver programmes they have already committed. The BVRLA will be lobbying to ensure these projects are delivered within the already agreed timescales.”


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