Rental inspections continue as Covid restrictions ease

Taking part in the BVRLA Governance Programme is a mandatory requirement for rental members and those who are due an audit will be contacted by the AA’s Prestige Fleet Servicing team to book an inspection date.

During the visit, the inspector will review premises, documentation, procedures, maintenance records and two ‘ready to rent’ vehicles on site (if applicable). The inspector will also require sight of any maintenance records for vehicles that are not present. This will need to be arranged ahead of the visit date.  

A site manager or equivalent senior official is required to be present during the visit.  

There will be several questions that the inspector will need to ask of the site manager, and this should be done in a well-ventilated area or outside.  

A review of the checklist in the BVRLA Guide to Covid-19 (page 19) is recommended before the visit to ensure the premises are to a safe standard. This will be checked during the visit and if the inspector deems the premises unsafe to enter, they will abort the visit and a cancellation charge will apply. The inspectors will be following Covid-19 safety measures as set out by government during the visit, wearing the correct PPE and adhering to social distancing rules. 

Members will be sent a detailed report following the visit confirming the outcome of the inspection. If required, the association will work with a member to develop a ‘Get Well’ plan, outlining the issues identified and supplying any relevant guidance. 

On completion of a ‘Get Well’ plan, if a re-visit is needed, this will be chargeable, charges will also apply to cancellation of scheduled visits. 

For more information on how to prepare, How to prepare for your inspection is available on the BVRLA website.