Latest Leasing Outlook Report shows growth despite global challenges

The total BVRLA fleet is forecast to grow 3% by Q2 2022 as the sector continues its post-lockdown resurgence in the face of global vehicle supply challenges, according to the latest BVRLA Leasing Outlook Report. 

The growth forecast is based on the latest figures (Q2 2021), with industry confidence – up 108 points year on year – expected to improve further next year despite concerns over product availability due to the ongoing supply issues. 

While the total BVRLA car fleet has fallen 3.3% year on year as a result of lower corporate demand, the fleet has been reshaped as uptake of zero-emission vehicles soared. This has contributed to average emissions of the BVRLA fleet reaching their lowest ever levels. The average vehicle emissions on fleet are down to 110.1g/km thanks to battery electric vehicles (BEV) and plug-in hybrids (PHEV) making up over a third of new orders over the last year. It is forecast that one in four cars on fleet will be either BEV or PHEV by Q2 2022, following the exceptional growth this year. 

It is an even more positive picture for vans, which are up 9.1%. The current data shows that while the overall BVRLA fleet size remains flat year on year, the balance is shifting to vans due to factors such as home delivery continuing to grow as lockdown consumer habits have become embedded. 

The full report is available on the BVRLA website.