CMA expectations around customer refunds

The BVRLA is urging members to familiarise themselves with the Competition and Markets Authority guidance relating to customer contracts, cancellations and refunds during the Covid crisis.  

Guidance published by the Competition & Markets Authority on 30 April states that consumer protection law will generally allow consumers to obtain a refund. 

For most consumer contracts the CMA would expect a consumer to be offered a full refund where: 

  • a business has cancelled a contract without providing any of the promised goods or services; 

  • no service is provided by a business, for example because this is prevented by Government public health measures; 

  • a consumer cancels, or is prevented from receiving any services, because Government public health measures mean they are not allowed to use the services. 

The Government has introduced a range of financial support packages to help businesses during the Covid-19 pandemic and members are encouraged to visit the BVRLA Covid-19 Business Advice page to find out more.