Be more effective at selling Personal Contract Hire

The BVRLA’s new e-Learning module, ‘Selling Personal Contract Hire’ is now live. The comprehensive bespoke course is perfect for anyone selling Personal Contract Hire (PCH) who wants a refresher or is new to the industry.

The aim of the course is to support the learner to: 

  • Be more effective at selling PCH 
  • Identify the needs of customers and to ensure they are treated fairly 
  • Understand the importance of remaining compliant with consumer regulations and to keep customers informed 
  • Maintain good customer relations throughout the life of the vehicle contract, including at the end of contract. 

The module will guide the learners through the customer qualification process with a consistent and evidenced approach to ‘Know Your Customer’, a 9-step approach to compliant sales. The module will also cover anticipating and responding to customer questions about acquiring and funding a vehicle.   

More information on the BVRLA’s Selling Contract Hire e-learning module and watch the information video or contact [email protected].