An overview of rental audit trends

As part of the association’s governance programme, the Automobile Association (AA) conduct audits of rental members and feeds back on areas in which members can improve.

One of the top three areas in which members could improve is related to Terms and Conditions. The AA auditors will ask members “Do your organisation’s Terms and Conditions detail your Data Protection and Privacy Policy?”. Members could fail this question if their Terms and Conditions are reviewed and do not include information on their Data Protection and Privacy policies (this would be a question fail, not the whole inspection).

Often, members include these policies on their website but are not advising of them in their Terms and Conditions, which form part of their rental agreement. Contact the BVRLA’s Compliance Team to request a sample Rental Terms and Conditions document.

Inspectors will also look at whether there is a policy for vehicle damage and driver defect reporting in place. As part of this, they will consider whether members are providing information to consumers on the charges they can expect for vehicle damage. This is an area in which members are being scored as ‘improvement required’. This is usually due to members not having a documented policy for vehicle damage in place, which should be provided to the consumer prior to the hire.

Members can contact the Compliance Team with any questions.