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BVRLA looks to reduce admin burden of parking charge notices

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The BVRLA hosted a meeting with members, the British Parking Association (BPA) and private parking operators last week to discuss how the administrative burden relating to parking charge notices can be reduced.

The BVRLA and BPA have a Memorandum of Understanding in place which helps to facilitate the sharing of customer details between BVRLA members and private parking operators when the member cannot comply with the legislative requirements of the Protections of Freedoms Act 2012.

At the meeting it was agreed that a database would be created to contain key named contacts to facilitate the speedy escalation of issues. It was also agreed that the Memorandum would be amended to include a time limit for how long a private parking operator can take to go back to a leasing company regarding a parking charge notice.

To put your contact details forward for inclusion in the database please email Amanda Brandon.

Further information on the Memorandum of Understanding can be found here.