Rental Fundamentals: new e-Learning covers the essentials

Developed with support from the BVRLA Rental Working Group, the BVRLA’s new Rental Fundamentals e-Learning Package enables learners to keep up to date with core day-to-day challenges faced by colleagues.

There are 11 modules to support the sector, covering Driver Qualification, GDPR for Rental and RVSS Suspicious Behaviours. With an annual e-Learning subscription, learners can access the content at any time and on any device. The package is suitable for rental agents and managers in daily rental and light commercial vehicle rental locations.

The BVRLA understands that the rental industry needs flexible learning that can be accessed on the go and has invested in these modules to be taken around existing commitments.

See Rental Fundamentals on the BVRLA website for more information.

Contact [email protected] to sign up.