Rental Fundamentals

Developed in conjunction with our BVRLA Rental Working Group, our new Rental Fundamentals e-Learning Package will support you and your customer-facing teams with tailored e-Learning content for your sector, providing a way to evidence rental compliance across three key areas; Driver Qualification, GDPR for Rental Customers and RVSS including suspicious behaviours.

Suitable for:

Rental agents and managers in daily rental and light commercial vehicle rental locations.

Learning objectives:

Modules included in this package will enable you to keep up-to-date with the core rental-compliant day-to-day topics of the industry, such as Driver Qualification, GDPR for Rental and RVSS Suspicious Behaviours. Access to the BVRLA e-Learning Platform will allow you to evidence your competence in your role and your organisation's commitment to the training and development of its workforce. 


11 modules across three key topics delivering a total content of 3 hours 20 minutes. 


£89.95 + VAT per learner for an annual subscription. Includes an on-line assessment and a Certificate of Completion for each module.



Driver Qualification

- Driver Licence/DVLA Checks

- Other Qualification Checks

- RISC Online

- Credit & Debit Cards

- Behaviour & Character Assessment

GDPR for Daily Rental

- What is GDPR?

- The Principles of GDPR Law

- How does GDPR affect the Rental Industry

- The BVRLA RISC System

- Why are RVSS and GDPR linked?

- What does GDPR mean for me?

RVSS Suspicious Behaviours

To achieve an understanding of: 

1. Current terrorist threats to the United Kingdom

2. Vehicle attack methods

3. Your responsibilities as a Vehicle Rental operator

To share practical advice:

1. Steps to help reduce the risk and impact of a terrorist attack

2. Guidance for your staff, vehicles or company if they are involved in a terrorist attack

To promote the importance of:

1. Effective company policies & procedures for security

2. The ACT campaign and its key messages

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