Preparing for customers taking vehicles abroad 

In anticipation of quarantine rules being eased and foreign travel starting to resume, the BVRLA is reminding members to stock up on VE103 Vehicle on Hire Certificates. 

It is a legal requirement for those taking vehicles abroad to carry their DVLA-issued V5C (vehicle registration) certificate. For rental and leasing companies, who do not want to release the V5C, the BVRLA provides the VE103B (Vehicle on Hire Certificate) to provide to customers. 

The BVRLA is encouraging members to proactively inform customers about what documentation is required. This is important to protect the customer and the vehicle asset as in the worst case, vehicles can be seized if the driver does not present the right paperwork either at the border or if required by an official overseas.     

Members can order individual VE103B certificates or pads of 50 VE103B certificates via the BVRLA website.  

The BVRLA has also produced a suite of free-to-access print, digital and social communication tools to support members with their communications to customers wanting to take a vehicle abroad. Login to the BVRLA website to access the Taking a vehicle abroad toolkit