VE103B Certificate

Single certificates

If you frequently order small numbers of single certificates, you may be interested in our smaller pad of 25 certificates. The cost for a pad of 25 certificates is £378.00, inclusive of P&P and VAT (deliveries to Northern Ireland, Isle of Man, and some Scottish postcodes may incur a higher cost). Please contact us for an order form.

Please note, we are only authorised to sell VE103B certificates to BVRLA Members. We are unable to sell certificates to non-Members, or to members of the public.

Please note that due to staff absence and Bank Holidays, orders/enquiries will not be processed on Monday 27/05/2024, Friday 05/07/2024, Monday 26/08/2024 or Wednesday 18/09/2024


Quantity Price Postage
1-7 £12.00 +VAT each £8.00 + VAT
8-20 £12.00 + VAT each £8.50 + VAT

Higher P&P charges may apply to orders delivered to Northern Ireland, Isle of Man, and some Scottish postcodes. Please contact us for a quote.

Please note that you may only issue VE103B certificates for vehicles registered to your company on the V5C Vehicle Registration documents.

The obligations set out in the 'BVRLA Vehicle on Hire Certificate Terms & Conditions of Use' document (below) are deemed to have been accepted once an order has been placed for the BVRLA's VE103B services. If you have not already completed and returned the T&Cs document and/or sent any outstanding return data, you will be asked to do so before your order will be processed.

Access to the BVRLA's VE103B service is conditional on the party achieving and maintaining BVRLA membership. If the party is no longer a BVRLA Member, it must return all unused VE103B certificates and all control sheet data to the BVRLA for secure destruction.

The VE103B is provided to leasing, rental and fleet management companies to use as a substitute to the V5C when a vehicle is used outside of the UK (and within the EU).

The VE103B displays data taken from the V5C and should be accepted widely within Europe following agreement with the majority of the Member States, however acceptance of the VE103B by any foreign authority cannot be guaranteed.

The 'BVRLA Vehicle on Hire Certificate Terms & Conditions of Use' document describes the BVRLA Member’s obligations relating to the issue, distribution, secure storage and stock-control of the VE103B.

The VE103Bs issued by the BVRLA Member or the BVRLA Member’s Sub Contractor (3rd Party Agreement required) are valid for no longer than 12 months from the date of issue.

The VE103B cannot be used to re-register a vehicle outside the UK.

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