Police launches counter-terrorism vigilance for festive period

National Counter-Terrorism Police have launched a vigilance campaign encouraging individuals and businesses to remain alert in crowded spaces during the festive season and to report anything suspicious to police, staff or security.

Across the country, security messaging will appear on advertising boards and digital screens around crowded Christmas events and key shopping locations, reminding the public about the crucial role they play in helping to tackle the terrorist threat.

The BVRLA has been instrumental in leading the vehicle rental sector’s response to the emerging and increasingly present threat of vehicles being used in terrorist attacks.

During the past two years, the association and its members have been working closely with law enforcement and government to explore ways of deterring terrorists from using vehicles as weapons. An announcement will be made shortly setting out plans for how the sector will work in partnership with government to help mitigate the risk of vehicle terrorism.

In the meantime, the sector continues to be an active supporter of the national ACT Campaign (Action Counters-Terrorism) which encourages vigilance, provides advice and promotes the importance of reporting anything suspicious. All UK citizens, including those working in our sector have an important role to play in the fight against terrorism.

Find out more about ACT here.