Leasing report shows return of car growth and record figures for vans

The BVRLA has published its latest Leasing Outlook Report providing insights from a range of data compiled from members.

The new leasing report paints a positive picture for the sector, with the size of the BVRLA leasing fleet showing a +1.5% growth for the first quarter, following ten consecutive quarters of decline. 

The car fleet grew by 0.4% in Q1-2021 to 1,371,128, with growth in the consumer fleet partially offsetting a decline in the business fleet. Despite this, the car fleet is still 3.3% smaller than the same period in 2020.  

In contrast, the van fleet reached record levels in Q1 with 440,502 LCVs now on fleet. This represents a +5% increase on the previous quarter, and a 4.3% rise year-on-year.    

The green credentials for leasing remain strong with average CO2 emissions across all new registrations hitting an all-time low of 91.7g/km. Demand for cleaner vehicles is also evident with new registrations of battery electric cars overtaking diesel cars for the first time. 

The general optimism is balanced by a sense of realism as the sector understands that there are challenges ahead, particularly around vehicle availability and concerns over the residual risk profile of a rapidly electrifying fleet. 

This latest leasing report offers added value to members by including a link to a Data Hub providing access to an extensive list of data tables – accessible exclusively to those working for a member organisation who have a BVRLA web account. 

Members can sign up for a website account via the BVRLA website. The Data Hub can be accessed via links in the report or via www.bvrla.co.uk/datahub