Leasing report shares key industry insights

The BVRLA’s latest Leasing Outlook report combines a range of automotive market data with views from senior executives from across the industry and its supply chain.

The 24-page report is packed full of industry insights and is a ‘must read’ for anybody in leasing. 

It brings together some of the latest market perspectives from experts at APD Global Research, Auto Trader and cap hpi. Leasing data was compiled in Q4 2020 from member submissions to the BVRLA quarterly leasing survey covering activity up to and including the end of Q3 2020. 

The overall sentiment across the sector is a sense of optimism and that better times are on the way. Leasing executives, who have reported contract extensions at record levels, see signs that customers will be keen to start vehicle replacements once the economy restarts.  

New challenges are certain to emerge, not least securing supply when the whole of Europe is competing for output from the region’s factories.  This will be particularly challenging in the electrified vehicle market, where supply and demand are most ill-matched.