Launch of Stop! Think Fraud awareness campaign

Fraud accounts for around 40% of all crime in England and Wales, with an estimated 3.2 million offences each year and an estimated cost of fraud to society of £6.8 billion in England and Wales.

The Government has launched a major campaign to fight against fraudsters - Stop! Think Fraud is backed by leading counter fraud experts and includes an online fraud hub which will provide concise, simple to follow advice. It will also signpost victims to relevant organisations for further advice and support.

Impactful adverts will be prominently displayed in public settings, from billboards to radio, and from TV screens to social media. It is anticipated the campaign will be seen by 95% of adults in the UK over the coming weeks.

The BVRLA’s Rental Fundamentals e-learning package supports members’ customer-facing teams with tailored e-learning content. One of the modules covers fighting fraud and averting risk, Driver Qualification includes driver licence/DVLA checks and other qualification checks, RISC online, credit and debit cards, and behaviour and character assessment.

Also see the BVRLA’s 2023 webinar Risky Business: Managing fraud, theft and asset protection