Forums go online for 2021

BVRLA forums guarantee lively discussion, debate, and the opportunity to network with like-minded peers. The forums will be online for 2021 and will continue to provide a unique opportunity to discuss the issues that are impacting your businesses and see how others are dealing with them.

Technical and Operational Management (TOM) 

Dates: 4 February, 2 June and 4 November  

The 2021 TOM Forum will explore all major aftermarket trends, including: tyres; MOTs; network capacity; electric vehicle repair, maintenance and infrastructure; changing dealership models; parts availability after EU Exit; and skills. 

Residual Value and Remarketing (RVR) 

Dates: 11 February, 17 June and 18 November 

Our 2021 RVR delegates will explore all aspect of the used vehicle marketplace: trends and values from the auction houses and trade guides; the wider political and economic landscape; analysis of new and used vehicle supply and demand; the outlook for EVs and PHEVs; consumer buying trends; and future business models. 

Attendance at the forums requires a subscription of £400 plus VAT (price unchanged from 2020), which entitles BVRLA members to send up to two representatives to each of the three digital RVR or TOM forums throughout 2021. 

More information in the events section of the BVRLA website.