Fair Wear & Tear course for commercial vehicles

Following on from the BVRLA’s popular online instructor-led Fair Wear & Tear Standard for Cars training course, the association has now introduced a new Fair Wear & Tear Standard for Commercial Vehicles over 3.5t.

This course examines the practical application of the BVRLA's Fair Wear & Tear Standard when assessing the condition of a commercial vehicle at the end of a lease. 

For the remote learning experience, changes have been made to facilitate the hands-on vehicle inspection section of the course with interactive methods using real vehicles.  

The course is suitable for staff at all levels including Fleet Operators, Fleet Managers, Service Managers, Customer Service, Administrators, Drivers, Account Managers, Sales Managers or any other role within the industry who regularly discusses the condition of vehicles with Fleet Managers, either before, during or on termination of a vehicle rental or leasing contract.   

Delegates will gain a full understanding of the BVRLA Fair Wear & Tear Standard for Commercial Vehicles over 3.5t and cover general appearance, maintenance, servicing and repairs, direct vision and sensors, tyres and wheels and more. 

Based on a blended delivery model, this highly interactive course is full of exercises, case studies and demonstrations, all delivered by an industry expert. 

More information and book online.