Elevate your staff's expertise and customer confidence

Prepare your rental operations staff for the upcoming challenges this year may bring, with the BVRLA Rental Operator Skills Assessment. It will provide your staff and customers with confidence that they are the most skilled providers of rented vehicles.

There are four assessments offered covering the following topics:

  1. General Vehicle Rental Operations
  2. Covers and Protections
  3. Overseas Rentals and Renters (optional)
  4. Light Commercial Vehicles up to 7t (optional).

Margaret Speirs, Car & Van Rental Operations Manager at Arnold Clark commented on the Assessment; "Taking part in the BVRLA exams demonstrates the commitment that Arnold Clark has to providing staff with the highest quality of training to enable them to have the knowledge and understanding required to recommend the best products for our customers. The BVRLA award is recognised and demonstrates to our customers that our staff have not only met the Arnold Clark standard, but have met the standards set by the rental and leasing industry."

Candidates will sit online multiple-choice exams via the BVRLA’s e-Learning Platform, which reinforces and evaluates their knowledge of the key areas of vehicle rental operations, proving proof of competence.

Candidates must be successful in Papers 1 and 2 (which are compulsory) and then in either 3 or 4 to be awarded the certificate.

The assessments take place online so the candidates can complete them in their own time, take mini breaks in between modules and have full technical support from the BVRLA’s Learning and Development Team for the day.

Completing this assessment:

  • Provides industry-wide recognition of skills and competence
  • Improves employee confidence
  • Identifies talented individuals in the workplace
  • Sends positive message to customers about the quality of the rental operation.

These assessments only run twice a year, so book your place now for the first assessment day in March. The next assessment day will be in November 2024.

See the BVRLA Vehicle Rental Operator Skills Assessment page for more information and to book or email [email protected].