DVLA reminds members of Trailer Registration Service

The DVLA is reminding members of its Trailer Registration Service which has so far this year seen over 2900 customers using the system to register their trailers for international use.

UK trailers in scope of the scheme must be correctly registered when being operated in most European countries and are required to display a separate number plate and carry a secure registration certificate with the trailer. 

The DVLA is emphasising the importance of keeping registered details up to date and is encouraging users to regularly access their account via the government gateway login.

The DVLA said: “We rely on customers to provide accurate details for a trailer at first registration; this information should be taken from the trailer itself or manufacturer’s documentation to ensure it is correct. 

“Feedback on the service so far has been really positive with customers finding it easy to set up an account and register their trailers.” 

For further information or to check if a trailer needs to be registered please check gov.uk.


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