BVRLA professional development course for rental comes to Scotland

The BVRLA will be heading to Scotland later this year to host its popular ‘Introduction to Daily Rental’ course, which now also includes a module on Counter-Terrorism for Rental Firms.

Taking place in Glasgow on the 4 September 2019, the course will provide attendees with a solid foundation in the skills and knowledge required to work as a Customer Service Specialist in the evolving daily vehicle rental sector.

Those who work as daily rental administrators or receptionists, front of house operators and customer service agents will benefit from this course. The new Counter-Terrorism module includes:

  • Current terrorist threats to the UK
  • Government’s Action Counters Terrorism campaign and key messages
  • Vehicle attack methods
  • Responsibilities as vehicle rental operators
  • Steps to help reduce the risk and impact of an attack
  • Effective company policies and procedures for security
  • Guidance for your staff, company and vehicles if involved in an attack

The in-demand course can also benefit staff looking to gain a well-rounded introduction about the industry or looking to refresh their knowledge on best practice and the importance of sharing practical advice.

For more information and to book, visit the BVRLA website or email