Watch again: A spotlight on supply

Members who could not attend the recent BVRLA webinar, focusing on vehicle supply, can now login to their BVRLA web account and view the content online.

Over three hundred members tuned-in live to attend the latest BVRLA Industry Outlook webinar: ‘Industry Outlook - A spotlight on supply’ last week.

During the 60-minute webinar, Amanda Brandon, BVRLA’s Director of Fleet Services presented a quick overview of the association’s latest Business Impact Survey results, looking at the current situation as experienced by members.

This was followed by Ben Waller, Associate Director, ICDP with an overview of the driving forces having an impact on vehicle supply. And Dylan Setterfield, Head of Forecast Strategy, cap hpi, assessing the impact of supply shortages on registrations.

The webinar concluded with an expert panel discussion with Marc Palmer, Auto Trader; Lee Jones, Fleet Procure; Paul Lund, Fitch Ratings; and Per Voegerl, URG.

A full list of previously hosted BVRLA webinars can be viewed via the BVRLA website, which also promotes upcoming live events.

The next Fleets in Charge webinar on 27 April is Powering up: The future of batteries and the next Industry Outlook webinar on 12 May will cover A spotlight on consumer duty.