Vehicle rental exempt from retail business closures

The UK Government yesterday confirmed that all retail outlets selling non-essential goods must close immediately to help stop the spread of the coronavirus.

The new measures, announced on 23 March, focussed on retail and followed an earlier announcement on 21 March instructing pubs, cafes and other entertainment and leisure businesses to close their doors.   

The Government’s guidance on business closures provides a list of retail businesses that are exempt from closure, including vehicle rental who will continue to provide an essential service to help keep key workers and goods moving during the Covid-19 pandemic.  

Members are reminded of the importance of keeping employees and customers safe by maintaining a 2m distance from others and by encouraging working from home unless it is impossible to do so. 

As well as vehicle rental, the following retail businesses are also exempt from closure:  

Supermarkets and other food shops, health shops, pharmacies including non-dispensing pharmacies, petrol stations, bicycle shops, home and hardware shops, laundrettes and dry cleaners, garages, car rentals, pet shops, corner shops, newsagents, post offices, and banks.