Unveiling the future: exploring the EV Landscape

An early bird ticket rate is now available for the BVRLA’s flagship Fleets in Charge Conference on 10 July, returning to the QEII Conference Centre in London.

The 2024 conference will welcome more delegates than ever, bringing policy makers, suppliers, and innovators together under one roof. Together, speakers and delegates will explore the latest advances in vehicle technology and the impact they will have on the UK’s decarbonisation journey.

To navigate the evolving landscape, the Conference will offer executive insights from EV leaders, survival guides for fleets, and a look at the ZEV Mandate six months in.

  • Executive Insights: Lessons from EV Leaders: Leading voices from our sector will offer invaluable insights into the industry's trajectory, challenges, and potential breakthroughs.
  • Fleet Survival Guide: transport and technology tips: Fleet operators and key supply chain partners share their transport and technology tips, offering invaluable guidance. How do you maintain and operate a safe, sustainable, and cost-effective fleet in a world of near constant technological change? Will AI transform fleet management?
  • ZEV Mandate Blues: Has it Created an E-Mission Impossible? Fleet buyers alone cannot sustain the BEV market, but what are manufacturers doing to address that? Six months after its introduction, we’ll explore if the ZEV Mandate is having its desired impact.

Tickets can now be purchased via the Fleets in Charge Conference website at the Early Bird member rate of £279.

The BVRLA would like to thank the Fleets in Charge Conference sponsors for 2024; Allstar, Arval, Auto Trader, Ebbon Group, Fleet Assist, Flexible Power Systems, Motability Operations and OEConnection.