Spring into Safety: National Highways' Road Safety Campaigns

National Highways has three road safety campaigns to help road users stay safe on the UK road network this spring.


The first includes tips for drivers on how to prepare for long journeys during holiday periods.

Drivers are being encouraged to plan their journey in advance. This includes ensuring all necessary vehicle checks are conducted, as well as factoring in rest stops before they set off on any long journey.

The TRIP elements of the campaign are:

  • Top up – fuel/battery, oil, and screen wash
  • Rest – plan your rest stops every two hours
  • Inspect – tyre pressure and tread
  • Prepare – for all weather conditions.

TRIP Resources and more information on the National Highways website.

Also see the BVRLA’s advice on Taking a vehicle abroad.

The Considerate Driving campaign aims to influence drivers to adopt better driving behaviours on the road and around other drivers e.g. keeping safe distance and avoiding hogging the middle lane: Little Changes, Change Everything.

Lastly, the Litter campaign increases awareness of the impact of litter on the road safety, the environment and wildlife: Litter kills three million animals a year.