Little Changes, Change Everything

National Highways aims to at least halve the number of people killed or seriously injured on UK roads by the end of 2025. Its longer-term aspiration is achieving a zero-harm network.

To support this vision and help road users stay safe on the road network, National Highways has developed a new safety campaign: ‘Little changes, change everything.’ The campaign aims to motivate motorists to make little changes to their driving behaviour, urging lane hoggers and tailgaters to change their driving style.

The first wave of this campaign is live until Sunday 31 March, raising awareness of driving behaviours that can make a big difference and improve everyone’s experience when driving on roads:

  • The first is that drivers should drive in the left-hand lane when driving conditions allow.
  • The second is that drivers should keep at least a two second gap between themselves and the vehicle in front.

The campaign resource page features a downloadable range of assets including static images, video clips, and campaign posters. The press release New National Highways campaign urges lane hoggers and tailgaters to change their driving style - National Highways includes further findings from the organisation’s commissioned Ipsos UK survey.

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