Sheffield reveals plans for new Clean Air Zone

Sheffield City Council has published plans for a charging Clean Air Zone (CAZ) within the city limits.

After conducting a feasibility study, the Council believes a CAZ implemented within the inner ring road will be needed to bring the city’s air quality in line with legal levels by January 2021.

The type of CAZ suggested would be a ‘class C’ which would likely charge daily non-compliant buses, coaches, taxis, HGVs and light goods vehicles (LGVs) to drive through the city. Charges would apply to vehicles that are older than Euro 6 for diesel or Euro 4 for petrol and are expected to be £50 a day for buses, coaches and HGVs, £10 a day for taxis and private hire vehicles and £10 a day for vans.

The Sheffield plans follow several similar announcements made over the last few months for cities such as Birmingham, Leeds and Bath and are in response to a government requirement that the council take quick action to address dangerous levels of air pollution.

Sheffield City Council will launch a consultation on their plans early next year. The BVRLA will make a submission, highlighting the recommendations contained within its related factsheets for air quality and HGVS in CAZs.