Fleet Air Quality Factsheet

The BVRLA has published a Fleet Air Quality Factsheet to support its strategy for tackling road transport’s impact on UK air quality.

In response to the Government’s UK Air Quality Plan, the BVRLA has urged policymakers to move from consultation to action as soon as possible.

The Association is calling for a carefully blended combination of incentives and restrictions that encourage more sustainable travel behaviour but don’t punish people for decisions that have already been made based on previous Government policy.

The BVRLA has called on the Government to:

  • Provide a comprehensive set of Clean Air Zone guidance to ensure consistency in terms of standards, enforcement, timescales, and charges

  • Work with the BVRLA in developing an engagement campaign to promote vehicle rental, leasing, car clubs and other potential solutions for businesses and individuals affected by the new Clean Air Zones

  • Provide industry with confidence in the Euro 6 standards by legislating to ensure all compliant vehicles may be operated across the UK without additional cost or restrictions

  • Give a clear guarantee that it will not introduce any new motoring taxes that end up punishing businesses or individuals for vehicle purchasing decisions that were made based on previous Government policy

  • Ensure that any diesel scrappage scheme is both flexible and targeted. This should include providing support for companies looking to replace or retrofit older, more polluting commercial vehicles. In addition, it should encourage owners of older, more polluting cars to give them up, by offering ‘mobility vouchers’ that could be used for car rental, car clubs and other shared or public transport

  • Continue to fund and support the Plug-in-Car and Plug-in-Van Grants, gradually adjusting the CO2 and zero-emission range requirements to ensure that the incentive keeps pace with advances in technology

  • Ensure a consistent tax policy to support the uptake of ultra-low emission vehicles