BVRLA Van Plan 2021

The BVRLA's Van Plan paper sets out some of the unique challenges our commercial vehicle members are facing as they seek to accelerate their adoption of zero emission vans.

While the current policy framework for zero emission cars of low Benefit-in-Kind tax rates and Plug-in Grants, is working to encourage rapid car fleet uptake it is unfortunately a starkly different story for vans. Zero emission vans are not yet affordable, accessible or feasible for the majority of fleets and use cases. Vans need more nuanced, targeted, support to ensure the sector can meet Government’s ambitious 2030 ICE phase out date.

If we are to meet our transport decarbonisation objectives, it’s imperative that we encourage van operators to make the switch from diesel to electric. However, there are significant operational and infrastructure challenges that have to be overcome. It’s therefore essential that we help fleets, small businesses and sole traders make the transition by providing financial support and investment.

- Jim Blair, Operations Manager, Arnold Clark Vehicle Management

The ‘Van Plan’ offers a series of pragmatic recommendations to address these challenges, most notably including the following over the next 12 months:

  1. Ringfence funding for the van sector
  2. Introduce new van charging grants and funding
  3. Ensure the supply chain caters for vans
  4. Drop the 'super deduction' exclusion for rental and leasing
  5. Develop van specific targets and requirements for charge point provision

The differences between electric and ICE vans and electric and ICE cars are poles apart because their respective development has been approached differently and they serve two very different fundamental purposes: People own cars but use vans. Even if they don’t actually own the car, the perception and attachment are the same. A van is functional not aspirational so incentivising use has to be handled very differently too. E-van development lags behind cars significantly so adoption cannot be expected to occur in the same timescales. We need a different approach for each.

- Tim Bailey, Fleet Director UK & Ireland, Redde Northgate plc

Support the BVRLA Van Plan Campaign

To support the BVRLA's policy engagement activity on our van plan we are asking members and their customers to share their stories. To lend your support please let us know about your experience and why you agree the Government must act now to support zero emision vans by emailing the BVRLA policy team.