Psychological profiling online training

Having completed the BVRLA’s new Psychological Profiling for Sales virtual training course, the first cohort of delegates have been keen to heap praise on the effectiveness of this new style of learning.

Sian Marston from GreenMotion, said: “I found this programme very interesting indeed. The programme was more technical and objective than I had expected and the C-me profiling tool was very much clearer than others I have experienced. 

“The content was engaging and interesting. The exercises were interesting and relevant and the content useful. The timings were very well organised meaning Roy kept our attention throughout. 

“Roy's delivery worked very well in the virtual environment. He was clear and managed to keep all participants attentive and interested. The remote style worked very well. I think we have become very much more open to this format as our experience of virtual methods has expended. I particularly liked the use of breakout rooms via Zoom which I had not experienced before. 

“Management of discussion and involvement was key and in the main Roy managed this very well, I think everyone had the opportunity to have an input. 

“Roy's knowledge of the programme and interpretation of the subject matter was very good indeed. He was able to clearly explain all elements and answer any questions which arose. I recommend this programme and hope that there may be a follow up which further investigates application in the sales environment.”  

The next available date is in September and members are advised to book well in advance to avoid disappointment as spaces are limited. 

To find out more about the programme or to book a place, visit the BVRLA website or contact the Learning & Development team via 

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