New fleet charging report to be unveiled at webinar

The BVRLA’s next Fleets in Charge webinar, ‘Untangling the charging conundrum’, will see the launch of a new report looking into the most pressing charging challenges facing fleets.

The report is aimed at helping local authorities better understand the fleet sector and how they can work more effectively together. The webinar will feature a ten-minute overview of the research undertaken, a quick delve into a few of the case studies which led to an understanding of the challenges facing fleets, before sharing the top recommendations for local authorities. 

Followed by a panel discussion, the webinar will bring together the usual variety of industry experts and government views to give you crucial insights and the opportunity to quiz the speakers on your most pressing concerns. 

This 60-minute webinar will take place at 9am on 16 February and anybody, including non-members, can register to attend the live event. 

Details of other upcoming webinars and the chance to watch previous ones again can be found on the Webinars page of the BVRLA website.