Lease vehicle impounded in France for incorrect documentation 

Do not make the same mistake as one leasing company did and send a vehicle abroad without a Vehicle on Hire Certificate (VE103), is the message from the Director of Fleet Services, Amanda Brandon ahead of the summer holiday period. 

The BVRLA received a call last week from a company whose vehicle was involved in an accident abroad. When the local Police checked the documents there was no vehicle registration certificate or VE103 to show the vehicle was on hire or lease. The driver was unable therefore to demonstrate that he had permission from the vehicle owner to be using the vehicle and the vehicle was impounded. The company concerned is now looking at a hefty bill to get the vehicle repatriated. 

VE103B Half.png

Order your VE103Bs on the BVRLA website. Orders take four to five days for delivery from receipt of payment. Make sure you have pads in your branches in case your customers do not give you much notice that they wish to take the vehicle abroad.