Latest BVRLA podcast: In Conversation With... Jon Davies

“EV has completely exploded… we’ve moved along the adoption curve,” said Auto Trader’s Jon Davies as he discussed the staggering progress made by used EVs in the last year for the BVRLA’s In Conversation With podcast series. 

Spanning customer habits, the language of charging and what the industry collectively can do better, the candid conversation with the BVRLA’s Thomas McLennan also looks at the some of the remaining barriers to overcome in helping drivers transition to EVs. 

Commenting on the respective growth being seen in demand and supply of used EVs, Jon Davies, Head of Strategy & Insight at Auto Trader said: “What we’ve started to see is, as soon as those growth curves were there, we had this market dynamic between new and nearly new not really working. This dislocation at the moment is very, very helpful and gives lenders, leasing companies, retailers, a chance to get their head around used EVs. We’ve got a golden window to really nail it.” 

Each episode of the BVRLA ‘In Conversation With’ podcast sees the association speaking to high-profile guests within the rental, leasing and fleet world as they talk about their careers, the industry and what is coming up. Members should also keep an eye out for live recordings of the podcast in response to updates from the Government that will impact members, such as key fiscal events. 

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