Latest Blog looks at how Covid has impacted mobility

Kenneth Malmberg, Senior Director for Market Development and Alliances at Ridecell EMEA GmbH joins the BVRLA blogging community to share insights on the automotive and mobility changes that have been accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic and highlights the shift in consumers’ mindset.

“Individual behaviours and attitudes toward mobility changed dramatically. Vehicle ownership and use, purchase and service expectations, travel trends, and our ability to connect with one another from a distance were all reshaped by the global health crisis. 

“Collectively, the impact of these industry and consumer shifts have swept across mobility companies, changing the way they digitise and automate their fleets operations. I can see that these changes will continue to accelerate as fleet managers adapt to compete in a world where transportation and logistics must evolve to meet ever-shifting demand. And, when used correctly, data is the key to this evolution.” 

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