Lack of dealer interest in EVs

Car dealers remain cold to EV opportunities, with a lack of consumer interest in EVs apparent across the new and used markets. Dealer apprehension is clearer among independents (17% stocked EVs last month), although the majority are still not stocking EVs across the board (43% franchised, 49% car supermarket).

The BVRLA’s Leasing Outlook report last week showed a gap between corporate and private buyers on new EV registrations, while cap hpi data released this week shows dealer reluctance with used EVs.

There is evidence of consumer demand for used EVs when the price is right. Buyers tend to value the lower running costs offered by EVs, alongside the acquisition savings offered by the used market. The cap hpi data shows used EV values are still changeable, although increasing volumes should bring more stability.

The used EV market is a common discussion point at the BVRLA’s RVR forums, with the next one taking place on 13 June. The forums help members to stay informed on market developments and understand where challenges exist in moving vehicles through the market.

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