How Generation Z is reshaping employee mobility strategies

The next generation is leading the way when it comes to travelling sustainably, preferring multi-modal forms of transport and keen to avoid using their own car for a business trip. In the latest BVRLA blog, Paul McCorkell, director of business rental, UK & Ireland at Enterprise explores how Gen Z is impacting how and why people travel.

Paul McCorkell_Entrerprise_230124_LinkedIn.jpg

Paul says: “Born between 1994 and 2012, Generation Z are now established in the workplace and beginning to bring their influence to bear. Research by Enterprise Rent-A-Car shows that they bring with them markedly different hopes and expectations when it comes to travelling for work. This younger generation would prefer not to drive their own car and are passionate about travelling sustainably, preferring multi-modal (combining two or more forms of transport other than a private car) and active travel more than any other age group.”

Paul goes on to advise that companies looking at future employee mobility strategies can look to Gen Z for inspiration: “The implication for businesses is that creating a travel policy with options that better cater to Gen Z preferences can start to create an organisation-wide shift in positive travel habits. Multi-modal travel that combines an element of active travel with public and owned transport can be effective for many journeys, bringing multiple benefits to the employee and company.”

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