Govt. notice on recording of diesel company cars

HMRC has provided an update on how to correctly record diesel company cars, due to Real Driving Emissions (RDE) data impacting how difference vehicles are classified.

Vehicles that meet RDE 2 – and therefore Euro 6d – standards may qualify for a waiver of the 4% diesel supplement. Eligible vehicles should be recorded as Type F in the appropriate box of the form P11D, although HMRC is reporting that some cars are being erroneously recorded in this way when not meeting the required standards.

Companies are being reminded to check the RDE for cars being reported as Type F, which can be done via the vehicle’s log book (V5C) or on the DVLA vehicle information page.

Only vehicles registered before 1 March 2021 will need to be checked, all newer vehicles meet the required standards.

Access the DVLA vehicle information page.