Government sets out 2035 Delivery Plan

The Government has published a delivery plan outlining the key timelines and milestones that are needed to support the transition to zero emission cars and vans.

The 57-page guidance document, Transitioning to zero emission cars and vans: 2035 delivery plan sets out 44 commitments on investment, regulation and policy changes that are needed across the key areas of supply, demand and infrastructure. It also has seven key performance indicators that will be used to monitor progress against the plan, with Government committing to review progress to meeting the phase out dates by 2025.

Many of the commitments reiterate existing policy measures, but these from Government are worth highlighting:

  • We will aim to introduce a new road vehicle CO2 emissions regulatory regime in 2024.
  • We will continue to fund the plug-in car grant until at least 2022/23.
  • Zero emission cars will continue to benefit from favourable CCT rates until at least March 2025.
  • We will continue to fund the plug-in van grant until at least 2022/23.
  • We will publish an EV Infrastructure Strategy in 2021
  • We will shift the support of the Electric Vehicle Home Charger Scheme to focus on leaseholders, renters and those living in flats from April 2022.
  • We will continue to fund the Workplace Charging Scheme until at least 2024/25
  • We will publish a Hydrogen Strategy in 2021 to set out how we will develop the UK's hydrogen economy.
  • We will report progress against our key performance indictors and update this plan regularly.
  • We will conduct a full progress review towards out phase out dates by 2025.

BVRLA view

The BVRLA welcomes the reference to the association and its members within the delivery plan and the acknowledgement of the contribution the sector is making. To ensure government continues to cater for members needs the BVRLA will continue to engage with Ministers and officials to provide the fleet perspective.

The BVRLA will provide thought leadership via its Fleets in Charge programme and independent analysis via the Road to Zero Report Card due to be published later in 2021.