Further WLTP guidance requested from HMRC

As the deadline approaches for the transition to WLTP values for VED and Benefit-in-Kind, the BVRLA continues to seek clarification from HMRC to address members’ concerns.

VED values apply from 1 April and BiK from 6 April, yet there is still a degree of confusion and members have expressed concern about four key areas:

  • Vehicle data access: there are still OEMs who are not supplying leasing companies with the WLTP CO2 data that they need to accurately generate quotes.
  • Data treatment and fields for BIK: particularly on the treatment of Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV). The BVRLA has asked HMRC for answers to further questions, which followed on from the initial FAQs provided by HMRC.
  • Capital allowances: the BVRLA has also sought clarification as to whether WLTP CO2 figures should be used for capital allowances from 1 April or 6 April.
  • Certificate of Conformity: currently, the data on the zero-emission mileage of a vehicle is held in the vehicle’s Certificate of Conformity (CoC). The ZEM will not appear on a V5C. The BVRLA is working with DVLA to suggest that they add this to the V5C. For now, the CoC is the only source of data that HMRC will accept.

There is an EU directive that requires OEMs to provide these documents when delivering vehicles and vehicle manufacturers have assured HMRC that they are complying with this requirement.

OEMs will also be able to provide duplicate CoCs for individual vehicles where they have been lost, however there may be a cost for duplicates.

The BVRLA is engaging with other industry stakeholders to provide more resources on how to interpret the Certificate of Conformity, which tends to be a complex document.

Please direct any questions to Senior Policy Advisor Thomas McLennan or see the BVRLA Vehicle Testing (WLTP) guidance.