Fleets urged to review policies due to lack of WLTP data

The BVRLA is urging companies to review their fleet policies now as a continued shortage of reliable data threatens to disrupt the move to a new VED and Company Car Tax regime in April.

Average lead times for car deliveries currently sits at around 9-12 weeks from ordering and this data gap is hindering the leasing sector’s ability to provide accurate quotes on many different vehicles and their various configurations and options.

Many vehicle manufacturers are struggling to provide WLTP data leaving BVRLA members only having access to accurate CO2, electric mileage range or RDE2 compliance (latest NOx emissions standard) information for around 80% of base (pre-option) models.

BVRLA Chief Executive, Gerry Keaney commented in a press release issued this week; “The BVRLA and its members are working with OEMs and third-party data providers to bridge this gap, but in the meantime, we would recommend customers consult with their lease providers to assess the impact on their fleet policies and procurement.”

Read the press release in full, issued 10 February: Fleets urged to consider their options as WLTP data gap bites.