Five steps to SMCR compliance

Is your business meeting the requirements of the FCA’s Senior Manager and Certification Regime for Senior Managers, Certified Staff and other Conduct Staff?

With the FCA’s extended deadline for Conduct Rule training implementation now passed, it’s more important than ever for BVRLA members to demonstrate they are meeting their responsibilities under the regime. With this in mind, the BVRLA has put together a comprehensive 5-step Development Programme to support members with their ongoing compliance.  

‘SM&CR has been designed to place a greater importance on individual’s accountability by encouraging self-governance and ethical behaviour within your business,’ said BVRLA Head of Compliance, Harry Madan. 

“To ensure your business meets the requirements of the regime and FCA, the individual who is accountable for decisions within your company must be trained within SM&CR compliance.  

“Over half of members inspected to date have received a red or amber scoring for the SM&CR section of their BVRLA inspection. This suggests that there are still a large number of Leasing Brokers without adequate SM&CR implementation.” 

To find out more information of how our 5-step programme can support your business please click here

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