FairCharge’s definitive guide to dispelling EV myths

EV advocacy group FairCharge has published the ‘Little Book of EV Myths’, aiming to address and correct 21 common misconceptions about EVs. The digital book provides factual rebuttals to widespread myths such as the belief that EVs catch fire more frequently than combustion engine vehicles, or that mining for battery metals is more environmentally damaging than extracting and burning oil.

FairCharge in collaboration with the RAC, FullyCharged Live, Stop Burning Stuff, ChargeSafe, and RechargeUK launched the booklet at the recent Everything Electric Show. A downloadable version is now available.

Topics covered in the book include EV fires, pollution, electric car costs and range. The book also examines the mining of materials for EV batteries and the impact electric vehicles have on the UK grid.

Download the book for free: FairCharge 'Little Book of EV Myths'.