Demand rises for Dispute Resolution Service during 2019

The BVRLA’s government-approved Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) service handled more cases than ever before during 2019 handling 2,351 cases, up 21% year-on-year.

The continued rise in personal contract hire (PCH) and an increased level of awareness in the service account for the rise in demand.

The association’s new online complaints process helped to ensure that service levels continued to be high in the face of increasing demand, with 98% of cases being processed online during 2019.

When adjudicating cases, the dispute resolution team checks whether members have adhered to the BVRLA Code of Conduct. The ADR is a key part of the association’s wider governance programme, helping to keep abreast of any emerging issues and trends that may need addressing through additional training and guidance for members.

The BVRLA also runs the European Car Rental Conciliation Service (ECRCS) on behalf of Leaseurope in Brussels and demand for this service increased by over a third during 2019, with 1,926 cases handled.

Further information on the ADR service.

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